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Units | Merican Face Mask


Pleased to serve any and all people and needs. How can we help you?


Empowering our communities in a unified effort for awareness and safety. The Merican Face Mask Community Unit is solely focused on our neighborhoods and the citizens within them. We provide information and products to support mindful social distancing and further reduce safety concerns.
We are truly in this together, regardless of the space we must keep between us.  As you look around your community, reach out and see how you can help reopen and protect our libraries, parks, recreation areas, and more.
Lead your neighbors in defending against fear and uncertainty by connecting them with a little extra support from us. So, let us know what we can do for you and your community today!
merican face mask corporate


Delivering key answers to common questions facing corporations throughout the country. The Merican Face Mask Corporate Unit aims to outfit your fleet, staff, or organization with the necessary information and products to keep productivity at a high, and dangerous exposure at a low.  Whether you are looking for a morale booster, or a stress reliever we can strategically plan with you.

Just tell us what we can do for your company!


Defending against the new barriers to education, impacting toddlers to teens, and beyond. The Merican Face Mask Education Unit is determined to prevent a decrease in educational opportunities based on an increase in imposed regulations or temporary safety measures. The student size we serve may be vastly different, but some of the difficulties we face are the same. Our connections among smaller education providers to larger institutions ensures that we can distribute relevant information and necessary items to ensure our facilities stay open, and more importantly making sure our employees and students stay safe.

Please let us know what you need to protect your teachers, providers and students today, or what we can do to help transition your facility as you reopen.

Merican Face Mask Education
Merican Face Mask Government


Joining the private and public sectors to offer more than a one-time stimulus package, the Merican Face Mask Government Unit gathers information and distributes remedies.

Serving government agencies of all sizes and constituencies of all demographics, we share knowledge and supplies to best suit your needs. Providing guidance and supplies to local and national leaders, we can walk you through the practical use of our products, as well as other relevant information in the industry.

Need more information on how we serve your organization or constituents? Let us know!


While current demand exceeds supply, and the integrity and availability of products is in question, the Merican Face Mask Medical Unit is on call. We are here to help you sift through the options, and select what is the best fit for your business, company, or specific situation. Although our specialty is non-medical reusable masks, our network of providers and suppliers can fulfill your other medical needs (i.e. PPE, etc.).

Need to find something now or in the future? Let us know and let’s see what we can do!

merican face mask medical
merican face mask small business unit

Small Business

Providing big support to small businesses during times of increased safety rules, and more. The Merican Face Mask Small Business Unit is focused on providing necessary support to small businesses, now and in the future. Specifically, we help owners and their employees abide by local rules and regulations crafted to help keep them and their communities safer. One of the greatest needs of small business owners (beyond funding) is solutions. Solutions to the problems created by the current worldly circumstances, and the inevitable resulting aftermath. Our knowledge, network, and products  better position businesses to stay alive during current times, and more importantly thrive in the future.

From one small business to another, we want to help get you everything you need. Let us know any and all things you are looking for, and we will reach out to see what we can do!